About us

A little history….

The company was founded on April 23, 2014. The company was initially dedicated to the supply of hygiene and cleaning products for medium and small organizations. After 2 years of business, the company was able to acclimatize to the market conditions. The aim of our entire team was primarily to differentiate itself from the competition and create market conditions. This seemed impossible with classic hygiene needs. Therefore, something needed to be changed.

Turning point
It was written in December 2016, when Martin Burdík – Managing Director, was interested in one very interesting product from Great Britain called WIPEPOD. The first sample piece received suggested that it could be something very interesting. The first very pleasant meeting took place in London, where conditions of exclusive sales for Central Europe were agreed. This was followed by another very necessary step, namely the legislative introduction of the product on the Czech market. Due to the content of biocides, very strict conditions for placing on the market had to be respected. The date was 24.4.2017, when the official sale of WIPEPOD began. WIPEPODS showed us our direction for the future – SUPPORT, INNOVATE and BUILD.

Hundreds of WIPEPOD hygiene systems are now installed in the Czech Republic to protect you against viruses and bacteria. Nursery and nursing centers have the greatest credit for this. Thanks to our contractual partners we are able to distribute within 24 hours. We also launched the project “Clean and Healthy School”. In this project we also try to support kindergartens and other institutions in the context of visibility.

By purchasing WIPEPOD and obtaining a certificate we contribute FOR HELP s.r.o. – children with autism, then Rafael children – endowment fund.

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