Below you can see for yourself the versatility and use of WIPEPOD.

Spa Teplice – Children’s hospital Radost

In the Teplice spa children from 1,5 years of age are treated for oncological injuries, circulatory and nervous disorders and musculoskeletal disorders. For this reason, there is also an important hygiene and clean environment, not only for small children’s customers, but important for frequent visitors. That’s why we placed a disinfection stand in the hallway for visitors and staff.

Wipepod awaits prevention of influenza, jaundice and injury to be passed on to small child patients.

Home for seniors Červenka:

I would like to join the cunning and satisfaction of using Wipepod napkins. They are efficient, save time and safe.
Thank you !!!
Bc. Brachtlová Radana


Kindergarten Trojanovice:

Children are said to be the major bacteria transporters, and parents are also affected by children. Prevention is therefore a very important part of our work in kindergarten. With a simple and clever solution, disinfection is always at hand. I was also pleased with other types of wipes in the kitchen and the care of the baby’s skin, and they always fit into the same box. I would therefore like to recommend WIPEPOD to all colleagues and mothers.
Gabroela Galasová

KLEIN automotive s.r.o.:

With WIPEPOD wipes, we are extremely happy. We appreciated especially its practicality and the essence of its functionality. It works as a perfect tool in the prevention of influenza. Excellent product!
František Valenta


Retirement home Hrubá Voda:

With disinfecting wipes we are very happy, boxing can be whenever, wherever it is transferred, nurses use in transfers, etc., saves work and time, for example, with dilution des. etc. Normal wipes are used mainly by night care workers, with fewer staff and need not use more cleaning / cleaning foam, pervin … /
Thank you for your work and wish me a nice day. Kateřina Valůšková