What is WIPEPOD?

WIPEPOD is a hygienic system containing wet disinfecting cloths / napkins and is designed for sanitizing, disinfecting, cleansing surfaces and human skin. It consists of three parts: wall holder, dispensing system, hygienic napkins. We also divide the napkins for 3 basic types of use: Healthcare, food and everyday use.

– wipepod is an effective, mobile solution for disinfection and prevention against viruses and bacteria – disinfection and sanitation of all surfaces and human skin
– thanks to 3 protection zones, the wipes will not dry out
– up to 1250 wet wipes in the package
– simple
– easy installation
– Cheaper and more practical than paper towels, rags and disinfection in another container

Did you know that Wipepod:
– Will the classic gel disinfection and surface disinfection replace?
– Does not contain alcohols => does not irritate human skin?
– Is he registered with the Ministry of Health and meets the strictest compositional requirements?
– Will the hand washing process be replaced in 12-15 seconds?